Dues, Discounts and Fees




 Monthly Dues











Dart $145



  • Monthly dues vary depending on the practice group. Covers all practices. 


  • $20 AAU Registration and Insurance - Every swimmer in our conference is required to have this coverage and the city requires it as well. Parents please visit https://play.aausports.org and click "get a memebership" to register your swimmer and pay this fee. You can search for "Shark Wave Aquatic Team" or use the club code: W3B34W. If you are already registered with AAU, your membership can be changed to SWAT and this fee will not apply until renewal.​


Family Discounts

Multiple swimmer discounts are available to families with multiple enrolled children in the SWAT year-round program.  

2 children 10% off total monthly dues
3 children 20% off total monthly dues
4 children 30% off total monthly dues
5 or more children 40% off total monthly dues