Heat Sheets

Heat sheets list all the swim events 1 through 69, along with the participants in each event, what heat they are in, and what lane they are in.  You will also see your swimmer's best time in that event or NT for "no time."  It is a good idea to go through the heat sheet and highlight all of the events your child is entered in.




Marking Your Swimmer

It is a big help if parents mark their swimmer's arm/thigh with a Sharpie before arriving at the meet.  

  • Write your swimmer's name in big letters on his/her arm or back. 
  • Go through the heat sheet and every time you find your swimmer's name, highlight it.  Your child may be entered in several events.
  • ​Make four (4) column headings - E, H, L, S.  These stand for Event, Heat, Lane and Stroke
  • Go through the heat sheet and find your swimmer's name which you highlighted.
  • ​For each event, write the event number, heat number, lane number and stroke in the corresponding column.

The asterisk that is marked on the left of numbers 27 and 67 indicates that those are relays.


Under the S (Stroke), MR stands for Medley Relay and FR stands for Freestyle Relay.  


The medley relay order is as follows:


1 – BACK              2 – BREAST

3 – FLY                 4 – FREE



The Freestyle Relay is displayed in the same order as the Medley Relay.    All swimmers in the FR (Freestyle Relay) swim FREESTYLE but they are put in an order of how they should swim:


1 – FREE               2 – FREE

3 – FREE               4 – FREE