Parent Committees     


Committee Name



Chair: Jennifer Shrable

[email protected]

Works together to identify opportunities to raise financial resources for the team. Organizes such events and assists in paperwork for donations. Seeks out sponsorship opportunities for local businesses and individuals. Works with the apparel and merchandise chair to deliver gifts of sponsorship.


Works with the BOD and Advisory Council to review and manage club finances for the current year.  Assists in fundraising finances.


Chair: Amanda Fahlberg

Works with the team to plan family events for children and parents to meet.  Build team enthusiasm, spirit, and unity.  


Assists in planning end of the season awards, team building activities, and SWAT Christmas Party.

New Aquatics Facility



Works with the city and the AP to keep SWAT and families informed about aquatics facility.


Chair: Audrey Hanes

[email protected]

Maintains social media accounts, press releases, and flyers.  Works with the BOD to communicate key information about the awards and accolades of the team.  Distributes this information via the team GroupMe and social media.

Timers and Officials

Chair: Melissa Rivers

[email protected]




Coordinates time slots for SWAT timing.  This can be easily learned and you receive a front row seat to the races!

Apparel & Merchandise

Chair: Sarah Defries

[email protected]

Coordinates team apparel such as T-shirts, hoodies, etc. that we sell throughout the year. Usually a T-shirt quarterly as well as our yearly sponsorship T-shirt with sponsor logos on the back.  Responsible for contacting sponsors and obtaining business logo etc.  Also manages other team merchandise like hats, car decals, yard signs, visors, tanks, etc.