Nearly every swim team requires parents to help out.  One of the most common positions is being a timer at a meet.  Some people think the position is too stressful, but honestly it is as easy paying attention to the meet and pressing a button for each race. Okay it is slightly more complicated than that, but honestly if you can pay attention and press buttons you can learn to time a meet in just a few minutes.

Timers Meeting:
Before every meet there will be a timer’s meeting, usually during warm-ups. At the meeting an official, meet director, or someone else in authority will go over what is expected of you.   Be sure to show up, pay attention and ask any questions you might have. You will also be given your lane assignment and tools (stop watches, clip board, timers sheets or cards, and pen/pencil). Check your stop watch at the meeting. Make sure it is working and make sure you understand how to operate it. Some watches work differently than others.

Where will you be?
timerAt most meets each lane will have 2 timers.  If there is an electronic timing system usually each timer will hold a plunger (a button connected to the timing system) and a stop watch. With your stop watch and plunger one timer will be on each side of the starting block. At bigger meets, sometimes there are chairs that you are supposed to sit in behind the blocks at the start of each race and you only get up and approach the pool at the end of the race.  At lower end meets with younger kids you’ll also be in charge of helping to make sure the kids are getting on the block at the right time.  More on that later.








Reasons to Become an Official:

  1. You’ll be working with the greatest group of volunteers in all sports.
  2. You’ll be close to the action.
  3. The bleachers aren’t comfortable anyway!
  4. High satisfaction
  5. It’s a great way to meet future Olympians—unless you already have one in your home
  6. Great food in hospitality
  7. You can’t beat the price!

We’re looking forward to seeing you on deck!





To become an AAU Swimming Official!   

– Please watch the following videos. 

1.) " Officiating Butterfly "


2.) " Officiating Breastroke "


3.) " Officiating Freestyle "


4.) " Officiating Individual Medley "


5.) " Officiating Relays "


6.) " Officiating Backstroke "


– Shadow during 3 AAU swim meets!






To become a USA Swimming Official!  


Becoming an USA Swim official

1 – Read more about it USA Swim Official Info. You can start as a Stroke and Turn Official or as an Administrative Official.

2 – Attend a Stroke & Turn Clinic.  This will give you an idea the importance of parent participation as an Official.  These are usually online.

3 – Fill out Non- Athlete registration form

4 – Do a background check, this will be the Level 2 check

5 – Complete the Athlete protection education.  This will take about 45 minutes - 1 hour, no cost. Safe Sport 

6 – Please go in and read through the latest USA Swimming Rules and start getting educated on the rules.

7 – Take the Stroke & Turn Officials test and pass (Open Book) go to USA Swimming  > Testing & Certification Sign up for Tests  

8 – Any questions please contact the coach or BOD.